Small preview of another part of my Masquerade AU

You know there's a legend a mysterious underground club. Only those of certain power can find it they say, only those who are selected. But really it's just a legend right…?

Of course this club was no legend, it was plenty real but one thing they were right about was that only those with a certain can find the club and enter. Within everyone is a power deep inside, but only some can use that power. Only those who can use that power can find this club.

You may be wondering what is this club? What do people do in this club? It's a very special club, this club is like any other club. People come to relax and have a little fun. But of course there's another aspect, with the power they can participate in duels were people dance against each other to become the champion.

In this club everyone where's a mask, no one knows who's behind the mask. It's a tradition not to see behind the mask, it's a secret everyone holds. Just like the club. Everyone is a person behind the mask, there's possibilities that you might know who's behind the mask but you will probably never know? Not even the leader of the club knows who's behind the mask.

This story starts with the leader of this club, the dark blue prince.

Masquerade AU

Today would be his first night at the club, of course it's not just any club. This club is quite special and only certain people could enter. It came as a shock to him that he of all people had powers. But then again he had always been a little strange.

It was complete chance he discovered it really, he had dragged a very reluctant massu out for Lunch. Of course the only reason massu was reluctant was because he has to pay. He had spotted a familiar brunette on the way to the cafe. Tegoshi being Tegoshi followed after him after all it wasn't every day you spotted Yamashita-Senpai outside of class.

In the middle of following he had not only lost massu and Yamashita-Senpai but he ended up getting lost. He had absolutely no idea where he was, it was a very weird looking alleyway. It wasn't what you would call suspicious but it was 100% sage either. Down the alley way he felt a strange tug, like something was calling for him. It was strange but it wasn't bad…

The tug let him to a strange door, it was covered it roses and vines. He gave the door a push and it just slides opened. He walked in and there was a strange man with a mask. Not the medical type mask but a fancy mask, one you would see at a masquerade party. He was holding a silver platter with a similar style mask to his.  The man held out the platter as if he wanted Tegoshi to take the mask.

“You want me to” the man just nodded his head. Tegoshi picked up the mask and put it on. The man motioned for him to go ahead. Tegoshi walked further into the room. He reached two very large doors. He was about to touch the door but it opened on its own.

Behind the door was a large parlour, in the middle was a fancy chair that looked something straight out of a movie. On the chair sat a man, with a mask that somewhat reminded him of a fox. Behind the chair stood nine men all wearing masks.

“Fufufu, what do we have here? Your mask has an interesting scent~ what, do you want to be in my collection? I'll add you to my collection. Bet your mask and fight me!” Tegoshi just stood there confused? Did he just hear right? This random guy wanted him to bet his mask and fight him? Fight him how? Tegoshi thought to himself, what's the harm? Maybe something interesting will come out of it.

“Ok? How do you want to fight?” He was very curious as how this guy wanted to fight him. Did he mean literally fight each other? Or figuratively?

“Dragon, emperor get him ready! I'll leave it to you two to get him ready” two men stepped forward, they we're both wearing similar style jackets but one was purple the other red. Both men came up to him, each grabbing an arm and dragging him along.

That was the first encounter Tegoshi had with the crimson dragon and the amethyst emperor.

Tegoshi was lead into a smaller room full of different outfits. Both men had disappeared in the mass amount of clothing. Maybe he had to wear one. Tegoshi felt awaited just standing there while both men quietly whispered to each other.

Both returned a few minutes later both holding different jackets.

“Your really cute~ you're probably very confused right now and that's normal. I'm amethyst emperor and the one over there is crimson dragon. Don't worry even if you lose nothing bad will happen. The fight isn't anything to worry about either, it's just a dance battle and it's just to test your powers~ Prince just says those things to scare people~ now come on let's get you out of those clothes~” powers? Dance battle? clothes? This is so confusing.

Dragon had come back over and put his hands under his shirt. Tegoshi yelled out in surprise, on return dragon just gave him a smile.

“Your so cute~ now cooperate with, don't worry I won't do anything perverted to you~ I'll hold back this time around~” this time around?? Tegoshi looked at the man in shock.

“Dragon stop messing with him, you'll scare him. But I do understand how you feel, he looks so eatable~” Tegoshi really didn't know how to feel about that. Before he knew it he was down to his underwear, he felt very embarrassed in this position.

“Now I want you to put these clothes on, unless you want us to do it for you~?” Cheeks turning pink, he pouted.

“I can get dress on my own~ but I would mind your help~” the boys willing came and helped put the outfit on Tegoshi.

“All done~ you look so cute~” Tegoshi was dressed in simple black dress pants with roses embroidered on the ends. He has a simple black dress shirt, but what stood out the most was his Jacket. It was very similar to the other twos but a dark pink colour. One side of the jacket was covered in dark red and purple roses.

Dragon and amethyst both grabbed his arms like he did when he entered and lead him outside. Outside was a small area type room. At the back of the room was the weird guy from before.

“Your are very interesting aren't you~ I'll introduce myself, I'm the dark blue prince. The leader of this club, I gather dragon and amethyst explained everything? Even of you loose it doesn't mean anything~ it just means you'll come back and be a part of my collection~ your powers will give you your name so don't worry about introducing yourself~ now lets dance!” Prince started off, a dark blue glow surrounded him as he danced. He looked so majestic like that, by time he realized it was already over. He couldn't help but clap, he was amazing.

“That was amazing! You looked so cool!” Prince gave him a smile and just waved him off.

“I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I'm not that good~ it's your turn now~” his turn? But what was he supposed to do? He doesn't dance! He plays soccer! Dragon and amethyst came up from behind putting there hands on his shoulder.

“Don't think feel, it'll come to you naturally~” they both reassured him that he could do it.

Tegoshi stepped up, he took a deep breath. His heart was pounding in his chest, he could feel his nervousness taking over. He needed to calm down, he could do this. He felt a strange aurora surround him. He let the strange feeling take off and before he knew it he was dancing. Just as they said it came as natural as dancing. It was strange but it felt great good. Even though it felt like he just started but it was already over.

He looked over to prince, and then back to dragon and amethyst. He felt a little light headed, suddenly everything was turning black. He could hear amethyst and dragon screaming in the background. Why we're the screaming? Why is everything dark?

When he opened his eyes he was staring up at dragon. Why was he in dragons lap? Why is his head so sore? What about the dance battle?

“Are you ok? You fainted and hit your head. You had us really worried~ prince thinks you fainted because it was the first time you had used your power and it exhausted you” well that explains why his head was sore. He felt a hand run through his hair and saw amethyst next to dragon.

“My heads a little sore but nothing I can't live with. What happened to the dance battle?” His head was really sore but it felt nice to have amethyst run his hand through his hair.

“You lost by forfeit because you fainted but it doesn't really matter. Prince doesn't really want it to count because it was your first time, but you looked pretty magical~ before i forget i should tell you that your powers have given you your name, your out rose diva princess~” what a strange name, but that's what his powers chose he guessed.

“You should probably go and get some rest, you can come back anytime you like ok?” He sat up and nodded. He felt so tired, but he really enjoyed being with these two. Tegoshi tried to stand up but nearly fell over in the process, luckily amethyst caught him before he could fall over.

“Come on, let's get you to the dressing room. Normally knight would do these things but he's a little tied up at the moment. This is the dressing room you will use to get changed, to keep everything anonymous there is a portal at the end of the dressing room that will lead you home.” Tied up? Did he mean that literally or figuratively? Who knows, Tegoshi doesn't have the energy to care.

“I guess this is goodbye for now?” Somehow Tegoshi didn't feel like leaving, he didn't want to say goodbye to the handsome strangers.

“It's not goodbye but rather see you again~” amethysts words made him feel better. He would see them both again. He closed his eyes and was about to head into the dressing room but he felt two pairs of warm lips on his cheeks.

“See you again princess~” he was pushed into the dressing room before he could react. What? He touched his cheeks where those lips once were. His heart was pounding, his face turned bright red in embarrassment.

He quickly changed his clothes, he walked up to the portal. He was unsure what to do, did he just walk through it? He may as well just tries. He closed his eyes and walked through. He didn't feel any different, he open his eyes and saw he was in front of his apartment building. How strange~ he looked around and noticed it had gotten dark, how long had he been in that place for?

Tegoshi didn't bother changing his clothes, he just crashed when he reached the bed.

P1 of something?

It was pure coincidence that they both had filming in las vegas. Inoo was there for one of his regular programs, Yamada for one of his many dramas. It was an even bigger coincidence that they were both staying at the same hotel in room right next to each other. Maybe the staff had planned this?

Inoo wasn't complaining it was just unusual, Yamada had been there weeks before Inoo only arriving a few days ago. They were both leaving on the same day so they decided to have a little celebration together.

They were both lucky there were hardly any fans in las vegas, they wanted to enjoy a night out Together without being surrounded by fans.

To everyone Yamada and inoo were just friends but to them they had been dating for four years. They hadn't told the rest of the group in fear of how they would react.

They found a small bar that wasn't crowded, hoping no one would recognize them. Within an hour both men were very drunk.

“Ryo-chan~ I've missed you~ it feels like it's been ages since it was just the two of us~” Inoo had wrapped his arms around Yamada’s neck, swaying back and forth.

“That's not my fault! Our schedules never match and you refuse to move in with me! So what do you expect!” Yamada was getting grumpier as the minutes past.

“You know why I don't move in with you! The same reason why you refuse to tell the other members about us!” Inoo sounded angrier than he actually was, Yamada gave him a hurt look. But inoo knew that Yamada understood.

“Come on let's go back to the hotel, we can have some fun.” Tonight they we're going to forget they were idols, tonight it was just the two of them. Inoo grabbed Yamada’s hand leading him outside.

No one bothered to look twice at them, though the ones that did was probably because they were two guys holding hands.

Inoo noticed that a celebration was going up ahead, as they got closer it seemed that two guys we're making out in front of a church like place. That was a very unusual sight, Yamada looked like he was thinking the same thing.

Inoo had a peak at the church like building, on the inside it looked like a church but it didn't really feel like a church. On the outside of the church there was a huge sigh saying we marry all. Marriage huh? Inoo had never thought about marriage before.

“Inoo-chan, I love you know that right? And I have for a long time.” Inoo frowned, of course he knew Yamada loved him. He loved him back just as much. Where was he going with this?

“I've thought about this a lot, let's get married!” Married? Inoo was lying if he said he had thought about it. To marry Yamada…? Inoo thought he really wouldn't mind at all if it was Yamada.

“If you'll have me, then I'll have you!” Yamada had the biggest smile on his face, this was probably the stupidest thing he would ever do but it was completely worth it.

They were in and out within 10 minutes, the process was easier than they imagined and no one asked questions. Both of them we're grateful for that.

Both boys were still drunk, Inoo and Yamada held gangs giggling all the way back to the hotel. In the lift Yanada had pushed Inoo against the wall, shoving his tongue into the other's mouth kissing him with all his energy. Inoo responded back with just as much energy, not letting Yanada dominate him. They were both very reluctant to stop but the doors opened and they really didn't need anyone catching them making out. They stumbled into inoo’s hotel room, Yamada kissing him again as soon as the door closed.

Tsuka-chan kisses p3

“Guys, guys!!! Let's go ice skating!!!” Tsukada ran into the room his usual energetic self. Full of energy and very loud. The room consisted of only three members a.b.c-z currently with Totsu out of the country.

“can't I'm busy until the end of the year with” hasshi said not even bothering to look up at him.

“I'm going to Kyoto from tomorrow onwards for filming and to visit my family~” Kawai sounded strangely happy to be busy until New Years.

“Gochi, you can go right????” Tsukada was looking at Gochi with his eyes wide, practically begging gochi to go. Despite being used to the look Tsukada was giving him he always made him give in.

“Yay!!! You're the best!!! I love you!!!” Tsukada jumped on Gochi Giving him a big hug.

“Yes yes, I know. Now get off me you're heavy!” Not that Gochi minded Tsukada on him it's just Gochi has this not so little crush on Tsukada and he really doesn't want him to find out.

“Can we go today after the meeting today??” Tsukada who ran around the room a good three times was still full of energy and happiness


They we're both lucky the rink was crowded, that would increase their chances of being caught. Despite the fact Tsukada was the one who wanted to go ice skating he had absolutely no experience.

“It's ok I'll help you, I'm pretty good at skating~” Gochi was secretly happy to be able to help Tsukada.

Tsukada was very excited to start skating, Tsukada being Tsukasa rushed into the ice nearly falling over in the process. Luckily gochi caught him before he could fall over.

“Tsuka-chan, just start off slow. Don't rush it otherwise you will fall over. Here just grab my hands and I'll help you~” Tsukada grabbed gochi’s hands as he was told letting gochi lead him. Tsukada started off slow but soon got the hang of it.

“I'm going to let go and skate back a bit, I want you to skate to me. That ok?” Tsukada nodded his head in agreement, letting go of the others hands. Remember gochi’s words he slowly skated towards the other man.

“You did it!” The other pulled him into a hug, Tsukada wrapped his arms around the other gladly accepting the hug.

“Let's do it one more time ok, this time a little further” Once again Tsukada followed gochi's instructions once again and was able to skate towards him. But this time he didn't get what he was as expecting, this time he found the others lips on his. It was only brief but Tsukada still found himself embarrassed.

“A reward for you hard work!” Gocho had closed his eyes but felt a tug on his jacket. Gochi opened them to Tsukada.

“If I can skate to you again, can I have another reward?” Gochi tried really hard not to laugh, Tsukada really was to cute.

“You can have as many rewards as you want!”

Tsuka-chan kisses p2

Hasshi looked really angry at him, though it was his own fault. But he couldn't help it hasshi is just too cute. Maybe he shouldn't have put hasshi’s recorder in his mouth. Usually he didn't mind if hasshi was angry because hasshi was very cute angry.

Well he didn't mind until hasshi started ignoring him. That's when he minded. He hated it when hasshi ignored him. Hasshi, his cute kohai who used to spend everyday with him. His cute kohai who used to idolize him.

Today is his only chance for hasshi to forgive him, the other members had decided to not go to practice today so he got a chance to talk to hasshi.

He was the first one there today, hasshi had yet to arrive. He didn't know whether it was a good thing or not.

He checked his phone, only 9:30. He was just on time. Tsukada noticed he had a text from Kawai, it seems hasshi was going to be late today. It would probably be best if he started his stretches.

It was 1 hour before hasshi finally arrived. He walked in like he normally did, he looked around the room noticing that Tsukada was the only one here.

“Where is everyone? I can't be the only one late?” Hasshi didn't even look him in the eye when he asked, he just walked past dropping his stuff on the floor.

Today he was going to make hasshi talk to him today. He has no idea how but somehow he'll make it work.  They danced for a good three hours before they decided to take a break or well Tsukada decided to take a break. He laid himself on the floor, letting him cool down.

“Hasshi~” he was ignored. “Hasshi~” ignored again. “Hasshi i’m sorry please talk to me again~” hasshi stopped dancing and sighed.

“Ugh I give up, you really are to cute~” hasshi walked over and sat on top of him.

“Hasshi?!” Tsukada sat up as much as he could with hasshi in his lap.

“To be honest I haven't been angry with you for a while, it's just your to cute when you're upset and troubled~” hasshi had wrapped his legs around Tsukada’s waist and his arms around his neck

“Haaa~ you had me really worried hasshi, I thought you hated me. If that wasn't bad enough you wouldn't even talk to me~” Tsukada was very relieved and happy that hasshi was no longer angry at him.

“How about I give you a gift, for ignoring you for so long. Close your eyes ok?” Tsukada glad to revive a gift closed his eyes in anticipation.

What he didn't expect was a pair of soft lips ok his, it was brief but he felt it. He opened his eyes in surprise, face turning beat red.


“Shut up, don't say anything!” Hasshi face was red to his ears, he had hidden his head in the crook of Tsukada’s neck.

“Ah you're too cute hasshi~”

Tsuka-chan kisses p1

It wasn't expected really, it was just a normal day for Tsukada. He woke up usual time, went for a run as he does every morning. He came more tired than usual, maybe he was just over working himself?

He went to dance practice as usual, being his usual energetic self. “Good morning!!!” Tsukada walked into the room full of energy, just less energy than usual. It was then he noticed no one was in the room.

“Eh?? Where did everyone go???” Tsukada found himself very confused, usually he was the last one in. He's on time right?? Tsukada took out his phone and checked the time, he was definitely on time maybe a little late.

He looked around the room and the other members had definitely been here, well at least one. There was a bag in the corner and it seemed to be kawai’s. Maybe they just went out for a bit. Hmm he should do his stretches before everyone came back. After he went straight into dancing.

An hour passed and no one had returned, Tsukada was beginning to get concerned. Where did everyone go? Maybe they just got distracted, it wouldn't be the first time. Tsukada feeling quite tired, maybe he really had overworked himself. Maybe if he takes a quick nap no one will noticed. Tsukada grabbed Kawai’s jacket from on top his bag, he laid down at edge of the room, using kawai’s jacket as a pillow. Closing his eyes for just a few minutes.

Those few minutes turned into an hour, soon Kawai returned to crab his back. He noticed the sleeping in the corner.

“Tsuka-chan!” Kawai yelled out in surprise. Tsukada head shot up right away, half asleep he looked around the room.

“Eh?” Tsukada looked around and realized he was in the dance room. He noticed that Kawai was in front of him just as confused as he was.

“Ah how long did I sleep for???” Kawai thought that Tsukada looked really cute confused and half awake. His hair was messed up and he just had this really cute look on his face.

“Did no one tell you? We cancelled dance practice for today because hasshi and Totsu caught a cold and Gochi could get out of bed because he was so tired. I only found out when I arrived so I went to hang out in kisumai’s practice room” Tsukada took the information in and realized that did make sense.

He pulled his phone out and checked that he had only received the message half an hour ago. He o also checked the time realizing he had slept for a good three hours.

“Ah or seems a slept a good three hours~~” he laughed it off like it was nothing. Kawai really wanted to kiss him now, why was he so cute. It was then Kawai realized what Tsukada was holding.

“Tsuka-chan is that my jumper you're hugging?” Tsukada looked down and realized the he was indeed hugging Kawai’s jacket. Tsukada gave turned bright red in embarrassment. Words tried to come out of his mouth but he was to embarrassed to make out a full sentence.

“You are too cute for words.” He muttered under his breath. Kawai then made his decision, he moved over to Tsukada and pressed his lips against the others.

Tsukada only half awake, opened his eyes in surprise but melted into the kiss. Letting Kawai take over.

Tsukada pulled back first. “Not that I'm complaining but why did you kiss me?”

“Because you are too cute for words, come on let's go home. You look like you need a long rest~” Kawai took Tsukada by his hand leading him home.

An Unexpected Outcome

“Chinen, i’m failing English.”

“You failing English? That’s a surprise, and why are you telling me this yama-chan?”

“Because i know you Chinen, you have connections everywhere and i need a tutor for english urgently”

“I do know someone and because i’m such a nice friend i’ll introduce you both. He goes to a different school to us but he’s pretty much fluent in english. I’ll ask him when i see him next~”

“Thank you chinen, you're a lifesaver.”

“It’s fine, now if you'll excuse me i have a date with my boyfriend~”

“Speaking of which, will i ever get to meet your mysterious boyfriend. If it wasn’t for the hickey’s i would think he was made up.”

“You will, one day” chinen replied in his usual energetic voice. At the moment a faint chime could be heard.

“That will be him. Hai, moshi moshi~? Ahh i’m on my way don’t worry, i'll be there soon~ love you to~” chinen hangs up and yamada simply raises an eyebrow. “Don’t give me that look, i’ll contact ok, now i really have to go.”

To: Yama-chan
From: Chinen
Subject: tutoring
I set you up a meeting, make sure you're free tomorrow at 11am~ You will be meeting him at our usual cafe~

To: Chinen
From: Yama-chan
Re: tutoring
I really can’t thank you enough for this.


Yamada who had found himself restless that night, filled with uncertain anxiety of meeting his mysterious tutor tomorrow arrives at the cafe an hour early than the meeting time. At exactly 10:45am yamada received a text from chinen.

To: Yama-chan
From: Chinen
Subject: meet-up
He’s going to be there a little early so i hope your on your way or knowing you already there. He’s not hard to miss, today he wearing a plain white shirt and leather jacket with black jeans. He was shoulder length black hair. I hope your study date goes well^^

Before yamada could reply to the text he heard a small voice next to him. “By an chance are you yamada-san?” yamada looks up to find a boy taller than him matching the description chinen sent him

“Yes i am, would that by chance make you my mysterious tutor?”

“Yes that would be me, i’m okamoto keito nice to meet you~”

“Yamada ryosuke, it’s a pleasure, thank you for helping me out like this. Please have a seat” yamada replied, making a motion towards the chair.

“Ah thank you. It’s fine, i enjoy helping people out. Chinen-kun tells me you need help in english?”

“Yes i do. You see at the moment i’m failing english and i need to get my grades up pronto or otherwise i won’t be able to get into the university i want to go to plus my parents would there funding if my grades don’t improve.”

“So that’s the situation. Chinen didn’t tell me much only that you needed to improve your english grades badly and you needed a tutor asap. If you're free we could start right away so i can see what you are currently studying and what you need to improve on, if that’s ok with you.”

“Yes i’m free all day long, starting today would not be a problem. We can go back to my place and i go show you what i’m currently studying and then we can figure it out from there?”

“Ah only if that’s ok with you i wouldn’t want to impose.”

“It’s fine really, i wouldn’t want to impose on you. You're the tutor here~ let me go pay the bill and then we can go to my place, it’s not far from here.”


They both arrive at yamada’s apartment is a small amount of time. Keito noticed yamada’s apartment was quite simple, consisting of a small living space and bedroom. A single kotatsu lay in front of the tv in the middle of the room. The kotatsu covered in english books of different colours and notebooks.

“Excuse the intrusion~”

“Sorry about the mess, if i knew i was going to have you over i would have cleaned up. You can take a seat by the kotatsu, i’ll get us something to drink~” yamada shuffles to the kitchen to grab a drink for the both of them. Keito, curiosity getting the better of him has a look at the english books scattered on the kotatsu.yamada returns and places to cups full of warm cocoa.

“So you're currently studying how to have conversations in shops. I can understand how you are struggling, i still struggle with this despite living in england most my life. One thing you should make note of is talking to shop owners is very different in foreign countries.” By time they both realised they had been studying english for hours and it was already dark outside.

“What time is it? It's really dark outside~” keito and yamada both stood up to stretch their legs, yamada grabbing his phone to check the time realising he had a message from chinen.

“Ah it’s already 11pm, how did we not notice it had gotten his late!?”

“Well we both did get distract talking to each other halfway through studying~ Ahh how am i supposed to get home now?

“I hate to break it to you but i don’t think you will be getting home today. The last train goes at 10pm on a sunday, at the closest train station. If you want you could just stay over, i have a spare futon in the cupboard for when my sister sleeps over. Going home this late wouldn’t be the best idea, my area isn’t exactly the safest but it’s cheap.”

“If that’s alright with you, i wouldn’t want to impose.”

“You're so polite, and it’s fine. It’s nice having company every once in awhile, It gets lonely living alone. You can just borrow some of my clothes, i don’t know how well they will fit but i do have some that should. You can go have a shower if you want”

“Thank you for this yamada-san, i don’t know how i can repay for you this.”

“I should be the one thanking you, agreeing to help tutor me to fix my failing grades. And call me yama-chan, it’s what everyone calls me~ yamada-san makes me feel old. The bathroom is just around here.” yamada lead keito to the bathroom. “Just yell out of you need anything, i'll go find you some clothes that should fit.” yamada took the opportunity to check the message he received from chinen while hunting for some shorts that should fit keito. Yamada sorted through his cupboard to find some pants that were too big for him and always have been that should fit keito. Yamada moved back to the bathroom tom place a towel the pants outside for keito.

“I've left you a towel and a pair of pants outside the door~” yamada yelled out for keito to hear. Yamada moved back into the living room grabbing his phone and placing himself inside the futon. Yamada opened his phone to check the message he recived from chinen.
To: Yama-chan
From: Chinen
Subject: Study date
How was your study date today~? Did it go well~? Knowing you two, it probably did. Its funny how alike you both are really~

Yamada got the feeling from the message that chine was setting him up on a date rather than a tutoring session

To: Chinen
From: Yama-chan
Re: Study date
Why do i get the feeling that you're setting me up on a date rather than a tutoring session to fix my failing grades.

After sending the message yamada looks up to see keito was out of the shower. Standing in front of him, Keito had water dripping down from his shoulder length hair, the towel placed around his neck. His evenly toned chest showed a well built chest. Those very kissable lips. Yamada thought to himself that he's never seen such a beautiful person before, it makes him want to feel up every inch of his body. Realising what he just thought of his face turns red in embarrassment.

“Thank you for letting me use your shower and pants yama-chan~”

“Ah it’s fine, no trouble at all. I’m going to have a shower, you can watch the tv of you want!” yamada rushed out of the room leaving a confused keito behind. Yamada stripped of his clothes and hopping straight in the bath. “Why is he so damn attractive, not only is he really kind and thinks of others he so hot. I don’t know whether to hate or love chine right now. AHHHHH~” yamada screamed out in frustration, still not knowing what to do with these newly acquired feelings.

“Yama-chan are you okay? I heard a scream.” keito small voice could be heard from a distance.

“I’m fine! Absolutely fine~” yamada laughed keito worries away.

“If you say so~” the footsteps faded, yamada sank his head further into the bath face turning red in embarrassment.

Ah hour had passed and keito was starting to get worried, did yamada usually spend this long in the path? Keito moved to the bathroom to see if yamada was ok. “Yama-chan are you ok? It’s been quite a long time since you hopped in the bath.” no response. “Yama-chan?” still no response came from the other side. Keito, worried out of his mind opened the door to the bathroom, first noticing that yamada had fallen asleep. “Excuse the intrusion~ Yama-chan! Oh my god!” keito carefully lifted yamada out of the bath and placed him on the floor. He grabbed the nearest towel and used it to cover yamada up. “How did you end up falling asleep in the bath, aren't you supposed to be the most here?” carefully lifting yamada up he brought him to his room and layed him down on the bed. Grabbing what seemed to be clean pants, he carefully placed them on yamada. “Ahh what do i do now?” keito unsure what to do next went and sat on the other side of yamada’s bed to watch over him. Keito sat up on yamada’s bed but Sleep was getting the better of him. Trying to fight off his tiredness, he thought to himself closing his eyes for a few minutes won’t hurt. Those few minutes turning into hours.


Yamada opened his eyes to a familiar giggling noise above him and the familiar sight of his bedroom. He opened his eyes clearing to see chinen hovering over him.

“Yama-chan i didn’t know you were so bold~” not understanding what he was talking about, he moved his head to the side and noticed a familiar face next to him fast asleep. But what shocked him the most was that they were hugging each other.

“Doesn’t he look so cute when he sleeps~ He looks so innocent~ now don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to wake him up now would you?” But yamada had already started moving, accidentally waking up the other man in the process.

“Yama-chan…?” keito body shot up as fast as it good realising the position they were. “Yama-chan i’m sorry! I didn’t mean to fall asleep! Eh chinen what are you doing here!?”

“Calm down keito it’s ok, now take a deep breath and explain what happen.” chinen sat on the bed letting keito catch his breath and explain the situation.

“Well yama-chan was having a bath and it had been an hour since he had gotten, i got worried and decided to see if he was alright. I yelled out a few times but no response came so i got worried and open the door to find he had fallen asleep in the bath. I lifted him out of the bathroom and took him to his bed, i was unsure of what to do so i just left him to rest. I think i fell asleep at some point, i don’t really remember?” keito explained

“Keito it’s ok you did nothing wrong, you saved his life. If you hadn’t gone to check on him he might have drowned in the bath. Speaking of which yama-chan why were you in the bath so long that you ended up fainting? That’s not like you~” chien still unsure of what to do with the two of them at the moment continues to stare at them as if think what to do next.

Keito ran a hand through his hair and sighed“Can i ask what time it is? I promised my dad i would meet him for lunch today.”

“Your dads back in town? It’s been months since his last visit. It’s around 11am~” chinen replied surprised.

“I know, which is why i’m surprised he's back so fast. That is the life of a rock star
I guess. I should get going if i want to have a shower and meet my dad on time. Before i forget, yama-chan can i have your phone number? So we can set up our next tutoring session?” keito slides off his bed into the other room to grab his phone. Yamada reaches over to his bedside table to grab his phone. They both quickly exchange numbers.

“If you'll excuse me i really need to get going. I had a lot of fun last night yama-chan~ ill see you when i see you next~ by chinen~” keito quickly exist through the front door leaving a confused yamada and chinen behind.

“That was fast”

“He’s probably anxious about seeing his dad again, keito really cares for his dad but he wasn’t around much for keito and his mum left him when he was too young to remember. Enough about his parents, now tell me how did your lovely study date go~?”

“Chien sometimes i don’t know whether to hate or love you to be honest. Being honest keito is absolutely beautiful, but not only that he’s so kind and sweet. I just-ahhh i don’t know~”

“Sounds like you have a crush~ ah yama-chan you are to cute sometimes, once again my plan has worked. And you can’t complain this time because you get something out of this as well~

“Chinen i hate you.”


Weeks past, within those weeks many tutoring sessions were held. Leading up to the day where yamada had his english exam. On the day he received an encouraging text to help lift his spirits and wash away the anxiety within him. He can do this, he's been studying for weeks with keito despite how very distracting he is.


Just a few more minutes and the results will be posted, only a few minutes yamada kept thinking to himself trying to wait patiently to see if his and keito’s hard work has paid off. Just a few more minuets.


He had done it, he got a better grade in english than he has ever before! Ah yamada couldn’t wait to tell keito that he had done it! Wait now that his grades are back to normal will keito still want to be his tutor? He doesn’t want to lose keito? What if keito no longer wanted to help? Yamada soon found himself in a very confliction situation, he needed to speak to chinen now. Yamada pulled and his phone to call chinen but it seems he had it off. Maybe he’s just studying, either way yamada needed to speak to chinen. Yamada gathered up his stuff and headed off in the direction of chinens house.


It wasn't a far walk from the school, arriving in no time. He knocked on the door but no answer came. Maybe he chinen couldn’t hear the door, he tried a little louder but no answer came. He decided that he could wait inside chinen’s bedroom if he wasn’t home. Chinen won’t mond, he’s practily family anyway. Yamada pulled out the spare key from under the mat and unlocked the door.

As he walked further into the house small noises could be heard, that probably meant chinen was home. As yamada walked closer the noises got louder. Against his better judgment he opened chinen’s door, but what he saw was something he never ever wanted to see.

“OH MY GOD” yamada screamed out and rushed out of the room closing the door behind him.

“YAMA-CHAN!?” chinen screamed back.

“OH MY GOD, I DIDN”T THINK. CHINEN I CAN’T” yamada moved to the corner of the hallway and put his hands over his eyes still in shock from what he just saw.

Chinen opened the door from behind, this time fully clothed. “Yama-chan, not that i don’t like your company but what are you doing here?

“I came to speak to you about keito! I didn’t think to find you having sex with who i assume is your boyfriend. I called your phone but it was off so i assumed you were studying. You always tell me to come over whenever i want!” yamada replied still not able to look into chinen in the eyes.

“Well i’m sorry i wanted to spend some quality time with my boyfriend, speaking of which i guess i should finally introduce you guys. It’s been what 10 months since we started. Inoo-chan come on out~” a tall man, with a light brown mushroom haircut walked out of chinen’s room.

“Nice to meet the famous yama-chan, i’m inoo kei chinen’s boyfriend~ yuri, i need to get going or else i’ll miss my afternoon class. I’ll see you tonight for our date~” inoo pulled chine into a tight imbrace, placing small kisses along his neck.

“I love you and i’ll see you tonight~” pulling back he places a brief kiss on chinen’s lips before leaving them.

“I’ll see you tonight kei-chan~” chinen waves goodbye to his boyfriend. “Now tell me what are you so worried about that you came to my house and interrupted my time with my boyfriend?

“Firstly i do not have a crush on keito. But for the reason i came here this afternoon was, will keito still want to be friends with me after my grades have gone back up? He will have no reason to hang out with me anymore? Chine don’t laugh, i’m serious here~” chinen covers his mouth with his hand trying desperately not to laugh.

“You have it bad, don’t you? I’m sorry yama-chan but honestly you are way to cute, keito is your friend now i highly doubt he'll stop talking to you just because your grades are improving and you don’t need a tutor anymore. How about you try seeing him out of tutoring first, that will prove i’m right and that he still wants to be your friend. And secondly you and i both know you have a crush and you can’t tell me otherwise. Ah you're to cute yama-chan~” chinen reached over and ruffled yamada’s hair.

“Chinen sometimes i don’t know whether to hate you or love you. I should get going, i promised keito i would meet him later to show him my grades from this test.”

“Have fun on your date~” chinen replied laughing.

“It’s not a date” he yelled back.


Yamada was really nervous about going to keito’s place, sure keito had to been to his place plenty of times but it wasn’t the same! He wasn't the one going to him crushes house. Not that yamada had a crush. Ok maybe he did. Who's he kidding he totally likes keito.

Yamada moves up to the door, nervously pressing the doorbell. “Ah yama-chan~ welcome~ come in, come in~” keito motioning him to come in.

“Excuse the intrusion~” yamada replied, politely taking off his shoes.

Yamada follows behind keito to the small living space. “It’s not much but it’s been home for 5 years now. It’s only me majority of the time~” keito pulls out two chairs for the both of them to sit on. “Now how did you go~? Be honest with me, was it good? bad? “ keito sounded more worried about the test than he did.

“I actually did better on this test than any of my others?” he replied, only slightly putting keito out his misery.
“Which means??”

“I passed with flying colours!” finally giving in and telling keito.

“That's great! You did it yama-chan!” keito looking genuinely happy gave yamada a big hug. Yamada shocked by this hugged back after a while.

“Seeing as you did so well, i want to give you a reward~” yamada looked at keito in confusion.

“A reward?”

“Yes a reward, now sit down here and close your eyes.” keito pushed yamada to his seat. Yamada closing his eyes in participation, wondering what sort of reward keito was going to give him? It could be any- yamada’s trail of thought was cut off when a soft pair of lips landed on his. Yamada eyes opened in shock, really confused as to what was going on.

Keito pulled back, face looking at him in worry. Yamada touching his where keito lips once were.

“Did you not like your reward? I thought you would like-”

“Shut up” yamada cut him off, grabbing keito by his shirt smashing his lips onto keito’s. Keito shocked at first but gladly returning the kiss, moving his hands onto yamada’s shoulders. After a few minutes Yamada pulled back gasping for air.

“Keito, i honestly hope you genuinely like me , like i like you otherwise i will punch you in the face for messing with my feelings. Yamada still gripping keito’s shirt, telling him straight to his face.

“Yama-chan i really like you, please kiss me again~”

“Gladly” yamada pulling keito’s closer, once against smashing his lips on the taller mans.


Chinen and Yamada were eating lunch together as usual and Chinen could not hide his excitement.

“Sooo your study date went well I take it?”

“For your information it did go well, I won't give you the details but Keito is officially my boyfriend~” Yamada stated, very happy that Keito is now his boyfriend.

“You know what we should do, we should go on a double date~ you've meet my boyfriend and you have one so we should go on one.” Chinen asked out of no where.

“A double date, with you and your very horny boyfriend? Why not~ I don't see the harm in it…” Yamada was questioning whether this is a good idea to go along with it.

“Great! How about this tomorrow?” Chinen looked very excited, he had already started planning out the details despite only just asking. Yamada decided to tune out for a bit.


“Chinen said to meet him at the new coffee shop, the one near the station~”

“Keito I'm beginning to question if this was a good idea or not…” Yamada’s worries increased the closer they got to the cafe.

“Yama-chan stop worrying, everything will be ok. As long as they don't start having sex in the bathrooms during the date were all good.” Yamada just sighed, hoping the worst doesn't come.

“Keito, please don't jinx us. But seriously knowing them it's possible.”


They weren't hard to spot in the cafe, it was pretty empty inside. Chinen and inoo were sitting in at the far back corner on the sofas, snuggled up to each other. They both looked very comfortable.

“Yama-chan you made it~ I was starting to think you wouldn't come~ I guess now you can properly meet my boyfriend, he's not going anywhere today~”

“Yama-chan you've meet Kei before?” Keito asked quite surprised.

“There are many reasons why I've never said I've meet inoo-kun. The first time I met him I had walked in on him and Chinen having sex. That is not something I want to repeat ever.” Yamada looked horrified at the fact of remembering that encounter. “How do you know each other?”

“Ah I never told you did I, Kei and I are step brothers, kind of. When I was 10 my dad remarried kei’s mum, Kei at the time was fourteen and very Rebellious. My mum left a little after I was born so it was weird to have a mother all of a sudden. Kei your dad had only left recently right? They lasted 6 years before they started to live separately but they never got a divorce. It's really weird.” Keito explained, Inoo nodding along to what he was saying.

“That's a very interesting connection…”

“Now that I've explained out connection, how do you know Chinen?” Keito sounded very curious as to how the two know each other.

“It's nothing special really, Chinen and I are childhood friends. Our mothers are best friends, so we've practically been together since we were born.” He laughed think back to how long they've actually known each other.

“You've know each that long!?” Inoo yelled out in surprise. “Chinen did say you've known each a long time but I didn't think it would be that long…”

“It's quite surprising isn't it? To me Yamada is my brother and probably always will be.” Chinen took a sip of his drink. “If you'll excuse me I need to go to the bathroom.” Chinen stood up and left to go to the bathroom.

“So how have you been Keito? It's been a whole since we last saw each other?” Yamada tuned out to there conversation, only listening to bits and pieces here and there.

Yamada noticed that Chinen had yet to come back from the bathroom and during the time he wasn't paying attention inoo had also gone to the bathroom. Yamada had a very bad feeling about this.

“Keito, how long has it been since Chinen went to the bathroom?”

“Around 10 minutes?”

“And how long has it been since inoo went to the bathroom?”

“5 minutes? Yamada you don't think…” Yamada sighed, not really wanting to think it but knowing what they were both up to in the bathroom.

“Keito, I think it might be best if we leave. I'll send Chinen a text, why don't we go back to my place and watch a movie? Those two are probably very busy right now, and will be for a while.”

“Why not? It was fun while the date lasted, I think I may have jinxed us though.”

“If anyone jinxed us it was me, agreeing to go on a date with the hornet pair” they both laughed it off, knowing in the end they didn't regret the decision to come.


They had both gone to Yamada’s house to watch a movie. They snuggled up on the couch together with a blanket to keep them warm. Yamada was struggling to keep his eyes open, he decided that closing them for a few minutes wouldn't hurt, just a few minutes…


Yamada woke up to the credits in the background realizing he had slept through the whole movie. He looked up to see Keito asleep below him. He looked so peaceful asleep, he didn't want to disturb him. Yamada thought to himself that he's a very lucky person. Yamada snuggled closer to Keito and fell back asleep.


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